We’re ready!?????

March 10th is my official due date and the question on our minds is are we ready. We’ve read the books and blogs (I’ve read a few more than Travis), gone to our doctors appointments, taken maternity pictures, wrote lessons plans, had baby showers and decorated the nursery (pictures below), but are we ready? I’ve decided that no, we are not ready, but are prepared and as ready as we’ll ever be. I’m pretty sure no one can truly be ready for something so life changing.

One thing I’m definitely not ready for is the whole labor and delivery part. Every blog or book that I read mentioned that it is different for everyone, so…I know I can expect pain. I’ve decided to treat the contractions like a super intense part of a workout, where I look at the clock and can’t wait until it’s over, but I get through it. The problem is though that in a workout I can stop if I have to, labor and delivery not so much. Thankful for friends I’ve been able to talk to and all the millions of women who have proven that you can survive and that the whole thing is worth. And as I getting bigger and bigger and more uncomfortable, I am more ready to face the actual birth. Also, we went to the import store to buy fun snacks for labor and delivery, and snacks/food is always something to look forward to!

So here’s to the calm before the storm and the waiting…I seriously can’t wait until our crib has a little Lewis in it, and I get to use the rocking chair for something other  then when I can’t sleep at night.




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2 responses to “We’re ready!?????

  1. Paul Sterneman

    Dear Kaylyn and Travis, your email was great and I can appreciate all your going through although it was about 61 years ago when I faced the birth of my first child -we lived in Fort Dodge, Iowa. But she came perfectly, I can’t remember much but holding that beautiful baby in my arms! I will be praying and remember my birthday is March 6. Love you both grandma

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    • tandkjulian

      Thanks Grandma!!!! We know lots of great people born in March. I think Hannah wants the baby on her birthday!

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