8 reasons why I love Lewis already and the rest of my maternity pictures…

  1. I’ll start with the obvious- he’s ours and I can’t wait to meet him.
  2. He didn’t give me any morning sickness.
  3. I’m still sleeping through the night, which really helps when you have to teach 4th graders all day.
  4. He is already looking out for me…if I’m starting to get nervous about him not moving, he’ll give me a little hey don’t worry mom nudge.
  5. He’s the reason I get to got to Ikea twice in one year…driving to Jakarta is stressful.
  6. My parents are coming to visit!
  7. I get 3 months of being at home (although I’m going to miss my kids)!
  8. He flipped when he was supposed to and has been healthy throughout his 9 months.

But seriously this pregnancy has been relatively easy (my brother-in-law says I’m going to pay for it with a crazy baby!)

Another thing he gave me was a fun day of taking pictures. A friend volunteered to take the pictures, and she did a wonderful job. My teacher friend came along too, so it was fun to have her as part of the process.

4 weeks and counting until we have his squishy cheeks to add to our list of things to love about him!




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One response to “8 reasons why I love Lewis already and the rest of my maternity pictures…

  1. Paul Sterneman

    Wow what a neat letter and pictures. I am so glad that he’s almost here-and I’m sure you are too! Now remember his great grandma’s birthday is on March 6!😃

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