Ronald Lewis Julian


We’ve had lots of people ask about our name for Baby J. The name we chose for our little guy is Ronald Lewis Julian.

Ronald.  Travis’ first name is Ronald, his dad’s name is Ronald, and his grandpa’s name is Ronald, so Ronald it is. We are going to continue the tradition. We want to respect the godly men that have played such a huge role in Travis’ life and in turn the life of our son. I also think Travis is the nicest, best man I know, so if our Ronald is anything like him we’ve done a good job!

Lewis. Travis and I love both to read, and we hope to pass that on to our kids. One day we were discussing names and were combining the names of authors we love with Ronald. Travis said Ronald Lewis because Travis’ favorite author is C.S. Lewis. Both of us grew up reading the Chronicles of Narnia. Our walks with God have both been affected by C.S. Lewis. We would also love our son to love reading, learning, and God just like Lewis.

So Ronald Lewis Julian it is, but we’ll call him Lewis. In 5 weeks, we’ll get to finally put a cute little face to the name.



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4 responses to “Ronald Lewis Julian

  1. Ellen Contopidis

    Names are so important your thoughtfulness is so good

  2. Paul Sterneman

    I love the name Ronald Lewis. And I can’t wait to meet him (but then neither can you!)

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