Worth It…

Going into this trip back to the US for Christmas, there was a question in our minds, especially 10 hours into our flight to Chicago, whether it was worth all the effort and travel to come back for 2 weeks. The answer now that we are at the end of our time here is YES! It has been such an awesome vacation, and we wouldn’t change it for the world. Here are some highlights:

Baby Shower: The first day that we got there, my sisters surprised me with a family baby shower, games and all. There was a big pile of gifts (thanks to our worldwide family and friends), which was a huge blessing to Travis and I. We also played some fun games like guessing the size of my belly with yarn and feeding each other with baby spoons. It was so fun to celebrate our little guy with our family.


Christmas Day: We got to celebrate Christmas Day with my family and with Travis’ sister and brother. It was great to have Brandon and Leticia join us and to be able to see them! It was great being all together, and nieces and nephews make gift opening so much more fun. We ate some delicious food and watched some football. Plus there was snow on the ground, so it felt that much more like Christmas.


Chicago Day: We went into Chicago one day and even though most of our plans fell through, there was something special about being in Chicago. My mom got a picture at Wrigley Stadium, we saw ice skating, ate some delicious, deep, dish pizza, and froze our tails off. My family and I have great memories in Chicago, and it was fun to create more!


Nieces and Nephew: What more is there to say? Lucia, Emi, and Adrian are the best and just add so much to our family. They made me laugh and being asked to cuddle is the best! Thankful for getting to connect with them before they move back to Uruguay.


Games: We got to play lots of new games like Code Names and Alhmeadra. New Year’s Eve was a game playing night with Leticia and her roommates. We also had a gingerbread house decorating contest (counts as a game?). The girls won (although it’s debatable)! Just good times!


Others things like getting to see Lucas and Bekah (friends from Senegal), shopping, Chipotle,and Chic-fil-a were just the icing on this wonderful cake! Thankful for our time here and the blessing it was to Travis and I. Now we’ll see how we feel after the 13 hour flight?



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