An Airplane Outfit

Maybe it’s growing up as a TCK, or maybe everyone does the same thing, but a lot of thought goes into what I wear on the plane. I remember as a girl having my carefully chosen outfit laid out the night before my family flew back to the States. The outfit on the way needed to prove to my family I wasn’t an out of touch MK, and on the flight back the outfit had to show I had gained more of a “fashion” sense. Yes, I am a crazy person. Haha. As I got older more factors had to be taken into account. How long was the flight? What was the weather like where we were going? What’s comfortable? Flying to Dakar, I always wore a tank top with a jacket because getting off the the plane meant being hit by a wave of heat.

Enter the bump:

This time I cared about one thing: comfort. What is going to fit my belly without digging in too bad? Then, we checked out the weather, and I realized I had to wear something warm enough (I own one jacket! so that was a tall order). So I settled on sweats and sweatshirt (I have never wore sweats or gym shoes or compression socks on a plane). I guess this is the beginning of my life changing because of a baby? 

Ps. We are on our way to the States for Christmas and are going to take some baby stuff back. Here’s our registry!


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