a pregnant blog

So the last time I wrote on this blog, Travis and I were cruising around Bali on our motorbike for Spring Break. This coming spring break (4 months away), we will probably be waiting for a baby in the hospital. Craziness.

Here’s a short highlight reel from the pregnancy:

  • getting to tell my family in person in Chipotle (long story) that I was pregnant, since I found out a week before we left for Indonesia for year two.
  • going to the doctor here for the first time and waiting 4 hours and still not getting called. We decided to try another doctor after that.
  • going to the doctor for a second time. This time using Google translate to talk to the nurses. Passing a phone back and forth is not the most effective way to communicate, but it works.
  • no morning sickness. This little dude is the best. I didn’t feel sick at all…except when I got the flu and I barely made it out of my classroom before I started puking, thankfully into a trash can. Nobody knew I was pregnant, but after that everyone was asking. I wasn’t ready to tell people and it really wasn’t morning sickness, I was really sick!
  • showing my class our video and how excited they were. The boys were really excited when I told them it was a boy.
  • my mom came and brought me maternity clothes, which is a great thing because I was starting not to be able to fit into anything, and you can hardly find maternity clothes here.
  • going on a 3 hour trek to Jakarta to go to Ikea and buying our nursery stuff and turning around for a 3 hour trek back. Thankful there is an Ikea in reachable distance.
  • weirdest thing is how my belly button has slowly become an outie.

So far, my pregnancy has been great. I have good energy, not too uncomfortable besides my lower back feeling like I’m 90 years old, and I’m feeling big, but I’m only in my 2nd trimester. I’ve heard it gets worse! It’s already been an adventure, and I’m sure it will get even more exciting from here.

Ps. We are going to the States for Christmas and are going to take some stuff back. Here’s our registry!

Also this message from a student answering our morning message was the best:




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  1. Jenny

    Congratulations you two!! How exciting 🙂 Praying health over the whole of you.

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